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Google Cloud Platform

Transform Your Organization Journey to Cloud

Google Cloud Certified Service Partner

We help your business thrive with transformative software development. We provide consultation, design & build your business for tomorrow's success today with Google Cloud Platform.

5 Customer Success Stories

1 GCP Infrastructure Services Specialization

15 Google Cloud Expertise

Google Cloud Products

​Choose from over 150 cutting-edge GCP products:

  • Compute

  • Storage

  • Databases

  • Data Analytics

  • Network and Security

  • Cloud Migration or Hybrid Deployment

  • AI and Machine Learning

  • Work From Anywhere, on Any Devices

  • Connect and Collaborate your work

  • Protect your organization with enterprise security

  • Custom Professional email addresses

  • Store, share and co-edit your work using Google Word, Sheet and Slides.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based suite of productivity and collaboration tools offered by Google. It includes Gmail, Chat, Meet, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Keep, Sites, and admin tools. It allows users to work from anywhere on any device, collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and securely store their data. Google Workspace is available in a variety of plans to meet the needs of different businesses.

PT Aku Mitra Digital provide knowledge regarding google workspace, and this provides benefits for companies to do work more effectively and efficiently so that employees can do their work anywhere and anytime with collaborate.


Wijaya Platinum

Our expansion in Wijaya Platinum need a partner who
can provide supportive and responsive partner in
digital transformation to cover our business and align
with our innovation to provide customer experience for
more than 50000 customers in a month and more than
30 outlets.. We trust and collaborate with Aku Mitra
Digital as an official partner on Google cloud who has
strong experience in GCP.


Central Mega Kencana

Thank you for Aku Mitra Digital for fast response and
providing us with training to use Google Workspace,
its make our works more faster and efficiently. This
digital transformation would impact and helpfull for our
business in the future. I believe Google is always
improving technology. So, we as customers can
continue to take advantage of technological
developments to support our company.

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