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About Us

PT Aku Mitra Digital is an official Google Partner for Services, Cloud migration. Founded by IT veterans, PT Aku Mitra Digital will bring rich experience from their previous projects in implementing and supporting IT customers in Indonesia. PT Aku Mitra Digital provides consulting services for various companies in various industrial sectors. Our service offering includes digital cloud transformation. We are now strengthening our presence in the competition worldwide with the vision of becoming a trusted partner for IT customers in realizing the business benefits of digital transformation.


Our Story

PT Aku Mitra Digital is an official Google partner. Founded and managed by IT professionals, PT Aku Mitra Digital focuses its business on digital transformation.

Our Customers

Andy Suherman.jpg

Andy Suherman

  • LinkedIn

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Utomo.jpg

Michael Utomo

  • LinkedIn

Chief Technology Officer

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